Our Guarantee

VADERMA Lifetime Laser Hair Removal Package Guarantee

VADERMA LASER HAIR REMOVAL offers a full guarantee on all laser hair removal packages of six treatments. We’re proud to stand behind our service, and our clients feel comfortable knowing that when buying a package of laser hair removal treatments, they can be assured results.

We have confidence in our equipment, training process and the experience of our specialists. Most clients are satisfied after six treatments and obtain 75%-85% hair reduction on the average after 6 treatments. Additional treatments may be necessary for clients that want a higher percentage of reduction.  If you purchase a package of six treatments, and you feel you need additional treatments to get better results, all additional treatments will be 50% off the regular single treatment price for life!

This is a lifetime guarantee.  Even if you get great results and years later need a touch-up treatment or two, your treatments will always be 50% off.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Lasers cannot target red, white, gray or light blond hair and most people have multiple colors of hairs. Laser technology provides for 75%-85% (give or take) permanent reduction in hair growth after 6 treatments. We cannot say permanent removal without acknowledging the possibility of the remaining hair percentages and nobody else should either.

Just think of what a life-changer it will be if you had 8 out of every 10 hairs removed and the results lasted forever! Check out our hassle-free laser hair removal pricing page to see what VADERMA can do for you.

The biggest problem regarding laser hair removal is that providers give false hope to all patients because some get 100% removal.  We encourage you to read our reviews, as well as other providers and take advantage of our risk free consultation.  We will give you a personal skin assessment, go over your skin type and candidacy for laser treatments, and answer any questions you may have.

Guarantee Details

  • Buy a 6 treatment laser hair removal package.
  • Complete All 6 treatments in your package on schedule* (every 4-8 weeks).
  • If you are not satisfied with your results, or think you would like to receive additional treatments, you will have a lifetime of discounted treatments at 50% off our regular single treatment pricing.
  • This offer is also for clients that need touch-up treatments years down the road.
  • Depending on the individual, most clients need around 6 treatments to get great results of 75%-85% reduction, with some getting 100% reduction for life.

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