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Why do you offer single treatments?

Unlike our competitors, VADERMA does offer single treatments.  Here is a list of reasons we feel YOU deserve the benefit of deciding how YOUR laser hair removal process is structured.  Although we do not recommend buying single treatments, for some patients it is really convenient.

  • Confidence!  We feel not making a potential customer sign their life away is what makes VADERMA different, and is the first sign of how confident we are in our services.  If you come to VADERMA, we offer free consultations and you can even get started the same day if you choose to.
  • Curious?  Some patients are curious about the laser hair removal process and we find most patients are both relieved and excited once they see what VADERMA is all about.
  • New to the area.  Some patients are new to Hampton Roads and are just trying to finish up their treatments that they started with their provider before they moved here.  Military folks are a huge example of these types of patients.
  • Moving away.  Some people that have future plans to move will not be able to finish 6-9 treatments before they do so.  Single treatments are a great option for people that may be moving away but still want to get started.
  • Money. If you come in for your initial consultation and would like to get started that day, you can if you are deemed a good candidate for laser treatments.  If you do not have enough money that day to afford an entire package of treatments, paying for one treatment and getting started is fine.  We do suggest buying a package of treatments if you are going to continue your sessions though.  Packages offer a steep discount over the typical single treatment cost.

Get started To book a free consultation you can call us at 757-321-0775, or book one on-line at our consultation page.